Six Sigma should start from the top

With an increasing awareness of the importance of the Six Sigma approach in business enterprises, it is imperative that the practice of Six Sigma percolates through every rung of the business, beginning with the leadership.

Considering this, a new website has been unveiled, dedicated to making business leaders well-versed with the Six Sigma approach. However, it is upto the senior management to actually put Six Sigma into practice, so that defects in the business processes are minimized and the overall management becomes more productive. As is well established, Six Sigma finds expression in the DMAIC process (define, measure, analyze, improve, control), which is inducted into a business by Six Sigma experts—the Six Sigma Master Black Belts. OpenPR reports:

“Enhanced performance does not and will not happen automatically. High-caliber training is required. Hard work and discipline has to be used, and people at all levels have to change the way they go about doing their jobs.” Says Spisak. In short, new ways of thinking, communicating, and operating must pervade the entire organization. You also need a methodology. Naturally, companies that have joined a Six Sigma approach for their improvement process are looking to do more than diversify skills. With this , they initiate a company-wide culture shift geared toward breakthrough change and the pursuit of perfection. This approach is geared towards a more comprehensive deployment that will yield breakthrough improvements and bottom line profitability.