Six Sigma trained personnel can lead to higher profits

With the proven results of Six Sigma implementation over decades, companies are now ensuring that they attract employees who are trained in Six Sigma. By doing so, the companies want to be in a better position by having trained personnel to deal with processes that can identity defects in the business process and induct solutions to counter the problem. It can also bring in effectiveness and efficiency in the business unit, leading to a better product or service, and ultimately an increased customer satisfaction.

According to Craig Setter, President of Aveta’s Six Sigma Online, employing Six Sigma trained people can lead to a 20 percent increase in profits. With a sustained effort, companies can climb up the ladder in Six Sigma implementation. PR Leap reports:

It’s no wonder that more and more employers are seeking Six Sigma certified candidates. According to Setter, “Everyday you go to work and have a process of getting your work done. Everyday, chances are, there are better ways of doing it quicker and more efficient. Quickness and efficiency equal a better product or service, a happier customer, and higher profits for your company”.