AIT Group extends capabilities as a member of Decisioneering’s Six Sigma Partner Program

If you are looking for a methodology to improve your business process, you can take advantage of the services of Advanced Integrated Technologies Group Inc. (AIT Group). AIT Group provides four important services that contribute toward process improvement: Design for Six Sigma, Six Sigma, Lean Production, and Business Process Management (BPM) frameworks for supply chain, design chain and customer chain.

The company has now joined Decisioneering’s Six Sigma Partner Program to take advantage of the Crystal Ball software in its process-improvement implementations. Crystal Ball has already enabled individuals and organizations to make decisions that are more informed. Quality Magazine reports:

In 2002, Decisioneering launched its Six Sigma Partner Program, a co-marketing effort that provides consultants who practice Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) with materials and assistance for their Crystal Ball training and implementation.