Company politics and Six Sigma goals

When a company takes the initiative to implement Six Sigma practices, it is likely that there will be resistance. Resistance to change is a well-accepted phenomenon in almost every sector. The resistance to Six Sigma can come in the form of personal resistance to change, and through inflexible company policies and incompatibility with existing organizational methods and goals.

One way of getting around such resistance is to engage in open communication with all stakeholders, so that the positive impact of system changes, such as Sigma, is percolated to everyone. Another key to the success of Six Sigma is the quality of leadership and its commitment to Six Sigma goals. Daily India reports:

Six Sigma is about getting everyone involved. A Six Sigma project forms a team of people who work together to identify problems and develop solutions. Such teams are not isolated teams rearranging the world for everyone else to live in. These teams are serving the organization by employing the skills and tools they have learned to increase quality and reduce defects.