Wipro’s Middle East initiative in Six Sigma

Since its entry in the Middle East since 2001, the India-based global IT giant Wipro has expanded its business manifold. The company has practiced Six Sigma since 1997 and assimilated this with other quality management systems such as ISO, TPM, TQM and QS. In a recent initiative, Wipro conducted a day-long workshop on Six Sigma for the members of Dubai Quality Group, a non-profit organization set up by the Department of Economic Development.

The Six Sigma Consulting services of Wipro enable companies to improve processes and identity defect areas which need to be plugged for overall improvement.
Wipro has managed to attract key players in Dubai and other parts of the Middle East as its customers, including Thuraya Satellite Communications, Doha Bank, Qatar Petroleum, and Gulf Insurance Company. AME Info reports:

Ms. Samia Al Yousuf, Manager, DQG said, “Since its inception in February 1994, the DQG has grown to include over 1500 individuals representing over 300 prominent organizations from both, the private and public sectors in UAE. Wipro with its expertise in Six Sigma has contributed significantly and helped DQG in acting as a medium for exchange of knowledge among the business community here.

Dear SIR
A friend has guided me to your excellent site.I think it is a unique site that could help and assist all interested professional to find their way here in middle east.Also your prises seem to be reasonable and feasible.Basically I’m an engineer with long experience in manufacturing processes,quality and change management.Have finished CQM Course ,organized by Manitoba U./Canada in 2002.In 2004 I have finished my first SS-GB Course organized by Villanova U./USA,in 2005 I have finished my second Lean-SS ,organized by Villanova University as well.I’m planing this year to proceed forward with the last SS-BB (to obtain a master certificate in SS).Author of two books :Practical Implementation of TQM/the Japanese concept (in 2003),and in 2005 I have published my second guidebook:The SECRETS OF Six Sigma:It is written mainly in Arabic ,but it contains some 100 pages in English (charts,glossary,wrapping-up…etc).This book is very useful for arabic-speaking candidates,3 friends (consultants from France,GB & USA) asked me to send copies for this purpose.Hope to able to cooperate with you.Please on the light of the above ,let me know what you could offer meBest Regards. eng.muhannad al nabulsi //Free-Lance (QUALITY) & Consultant Trainer

Posted by: muhannad al nabulsi | Apr 5, 2006 12:06:30 PM

If you are interested in working in Six Sigma area in UAE or other GCC countries, why dont you get in touch with some of the established consulting companies here. Wipro is one of them. Another good company is Encreate Consulting. Their website is www.encreate.com

I know that Motorola Univ is also active in the region.

I heard that Encreate Consulting Conducted a 5 Day Green Belt Training program in Dubai recently. Has anyone attended the course?

I want to attend such training programs. Can anyone help where i will come to know of them