DoN and ASQ Team Up On Lean Six Sigma Project

The Department of the Navy (DoN) will jointly conduct a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification process along with the American Society for Quality (ASQ). An agreement has been reached through which a testing standards program that will meet the needs of the Navy and the Marine Corps team will be developed by both DoN and ASQ, and administered by ASQ. ISixSigma reports:

ASQ will conduct pilot certification program testing with 50 participants at eight sites around the country April 28. Following the pilot program, ASQ will conduct another certification exam in late September 2006 for an expected 100 participants. “We anticipate this experience with the Navy and Marine Corps will lead us to creating programs that will make our fighting forces within these, and all branches of the service more effective in meeting the challenges the United States faces in the coming years,” said Jerry Mairani, ASQ president.