Lean And Six Sigma Services Introduced

As part of its strategy to help organizations that wish to enhance efficiency in their operations, improve customer retention, and bring down overall costs, ISO consulting company Management Systems International LLC has introduced ImprovePlus Lean and Six Sigma consulting services. These services extend beyond ISO by focusing on the weakest and strongest points of an organization, and helping to increase profits in the process. By following Lean and Six Sigma principles, companies can standardize processes and reduce waste. ISix Sigma reports:

“Implementing Six Sigma and Lean methodologies is the next logical step for ISO certified companies,” states Diana Procter, MSI’s president. “Studies have shown that a Six Sigma Black Belt consultant can save a medium-sized company over $1 million annually.” According to the Six Sigma Academy, Black Belts save companies approximately $230,000 per project. Typically, a Black Belt can complete four-to-six projects annually.