Six Sigma Blog: Lean Six Helps Electronic Cos.

Lean Six Helps Electronic Cos.

Electronics companies are discovering that implementing Lean Six methodologies will help them stay in business, and even reap profits. An interview conducted by Electronic Business with four electronics companies that are in various stages of deploying Lean Six has proved that three of them are already showing profits, while the fourth one is on the verge of doing so. All of them claim that their business results have improved over the past five years. As a result, they are contemplating applying Lean Six to areas other than manufacturing, like their customers and suppliers.


It always makes me happy to know that companies are trying their darndest to please their customers. And I agree; what better way to improve processes and satisfy customer requirements than deploying Lean Six Sigma.


interesting position but may you can envision and write a new articles on the the Lean six Sigma deploying for the pharmaceutical industry and its possible benefits cost / time or deplloyeing the platform , consider the fact of industry rerquirement of storage and trasportation.
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