Software Cos. Have Poor QA

A study by research firm Compuware has found that most European software developers are falling short in assuring quality during the application development process. In spite of all the buzz about best practice initiatives such as Six Sigma and Capability Maturity Model (CMM), nearly 80 percent of the companies surveyed said they had no formal quality assurance (QA) methodology in place. One fourth of the respondents said they did not have properly trained or experienced members in their QA team, while a third said they did not have a dedicated team manager.

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This is rather sad. And to think these are software companies, which industry is getting highly competitive by the day. I hope they start working on quality soon.


As any very experienced SUCCESSFUL software engineering person will tell you – communication is 80% of the problem – the rest is the programming, mechanics, etc.
Approches like CMM address the mechanics BUT NOT the communication part.

Rapid Development or iterative development fixes the communication problem by making earlier releases possible enabling feedback as early in the cycle as possible fixing many of the quality problems.

Thats the secret!


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