Six Sigma extracts maximum from Australia’s natural resources

It is one thing to have potentially high natural resources, and another to reap its benefits. In the absence of a systematized plan to translate the resources into benefits, nature’s bounty can only rest as a wasteful abundance.

Fortunately for Australia, the Six Sigma philosophy and quality management technique is quite popular in the mining sector, and this is able to bring out the best results from the country’s resources of bauxite, iron ore, lead, zinc, silver, uranium, industrial diamonds and mineral sands. Six Sigma statistical analysis helps manage, improve, and reinvent business processes, thus adding to the national coffers. In turn, Six Sigma implementation is aided by MINITAB, a package that analyzes statistical data to minimize defects in the business processes or in the product itself.

MINITAB offers a range of tools for graphical analyses, collecting powerful statistics, quality analyses with potential for a range of individually designed uses.  As reports, MINITAB and Six Sigma run hand in hand to minimize errors and maximize returns.