Six Sigma adds the quality dimension to BPO/ITES sector

As Western countries continue to make a beeline towards India because of its multifarious advantages—good infrastructure, favorable government policies, rock-steady economic environment and cost benefits—competition is also making its presence felt in countries like Australia, China, the Philippines and Ireland. To ward off such challenges in the BPO/ITES sector, India-based vendors are now looking to add a new dimension to their offerings—quality control of business processes through the adoption of the Six Sigma methodology.

You might ask: Why Six Sigma?

Well, Six Sigma has proven itself as a successful strategy to identify and measure defects, and then eliminate such defects using the application of statistical methods. By focusing on innovation or improvements of the existing product and service design through the DMAIC and DFSS principles, Six Sigma helps identify defects that affect customers, who are the key components in any business venture.