Six Sigma Design for HSBC

HSBC Bank Malaysia Bhd is aiming to expand its custodian and clearing services, using Six Sigma methodology. HSBC has been registering a steady annual growth in custody and clearing business for the past few years. It was recently voted the number one bank for this sector in 2005. According to company sources, it would be adopting the six sigma methodology more specifically for all its custody and clearing operations.

HSBC has already completed the adoption of the Six Sigma methodology in the settlement side. It is now looking to employ it in the corporate action area to boost its efficiency. The focus is on four areas: settlement, administration, corporate accounts and reporting. Six Sigma design will help the company to come up with solutions required for improving business processes and meeting customers’ requirements.

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Apart from the above, HSBC had been providing such services for over 30 years, relatively longer than any other banks in the country, she said. This has given HSBC the added advantage and significant expertise in handling the local market.