Six Sigma for Marketing Process

Every business focuses on sustainable growth and needs competitive environmental changes for it. However, getting the desired result is not that much easy. Marketing is one of the key characteristics of a business process and it is very important to strengthen the marketing operations.

The Six Sigma discipline gives business leaders the opportunity to drive more fact-based decisions into managing the business. Six Sigma has been successful in integrating itself into the technical aspects of a business. Engineering and manufacturing are two areas where Six Sigma methodology has done a fair job. A new effort is being made to bring Six Sigma into the softer side of business marketing.

The Six Sigma concept has evolved over the past several decades to represent a set of fundamental business concepts. These concepts put customers first and use fact-based decision-making to drive improvements. Experts believe that a unique view of Six Sigma’s techniques and tools can be applied to drive income growth. Companies have now started to implement Six Sigma into sales and marketing.