BMG Integrates Six Sigma eLearning Curriculum

Breakthrough Management Group (BMG) announced that it has incorporated its Six Sigma eLearning course material into Projx program tracking system. The new features in this eLearning course will provide users with instant access to online tools training without leaving the system. BMG is a global leader in Performance Excellence and Six Sigma consulting, training and technology solutions.

Projx is an enterprise-wide reporting and information management system that captures, manages and guides the process excellence initiatives of an organization. It helps Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt practitioners to improve the efficiency, quality and productivity of their organizations. Adding the eLearning course to the system benefits Projx customers in reviewing specific topics, skills and tools they need to make the process deliver. PR Web has an article on the Same Topic.

Companies can choose to implement all of BMG’s eLearning courses in their entirety or select exact courses based on their specific Six Sigma roadmap. The new system is available to all existing and new ProjX customers through BMG.