Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma at Raytheon IAD

The Raytheon Integrated Air Defense (IAD) center in Massachusetts has 4,000 employees including 1,500 union members. It is a prime contractor for the military. The IAD started with Six Sigma in 1999 and added Lean in 2003. The IAD has several customers including the US Navy, which wanted Raytheon to adopt a Lean program to improve production. The Raytheon Lean Manufacturing program focuses on cultural change while connecting with the people who perform their duties with respect and integrity.

Raytheon has displayed positive approach towards the program. It emphasizes on setting a vision, establishing commitment from the executive team and planning a change management process. The adoption of Lean has affected their information system to a great extent. With Lean, Raytheon has identified a need to facilitate cross-functional teaming. MMS Magazine has published an article on the Same Topic.

The tour included three major manufacturing lines within Raytheon’s facility. They were electronic printed circuit board assembly (surface mount devices), metal fabrication (CNC machining and welding), and mechanical assembly.