Six Sigma Blog: Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma

After the dot-com bust of 2001, the IT industry have focused on cost-reduction, downsizing and scaling back. Companies adopted different processes to survive the scare caused in the industry. However, some companies embraced a particular approach called Lean Six Sigma. Lean six is a prescription for regaining business health and transforming a company to cut waste from its operations and increase productivity while improving quality.

Companies deploy Lean Six in various phases. There is little doubt that Lean Six helps them to turn profitable. Most of the companies claim that their improved business results are a direct result of Lean Six and they are looking to increase those results by applying Lean Six beyond their companies to customers and suppliers. Lean Six is a blend of two methodologies. The lean approach focuses on eliminating all types of waster including overproduction, waiting time, transportation and processing. It improves quality and reduces production time and cost.