Six Sigma Blog: Six Sigma and Data Certification

Six Sigma and Data Certification

As Six Sigma works to reduce defects, data certification improvement programs are often beneficial for the application of their methodologies. Today, companies focus on certified data and the processes that support it. They have applied Six Sigma concepts and philosophies to numerous processes and achieved positive results. However, only few companies have applied Six Sigma to their data quality processes. Six Sigma controls a process to limit output defects to 3.4 per million opportunities. While a defect is anything outside a customer’s requirement specification, an opportunity is any chance of a defect occurring.

Most companies use Six Sigma more broadly. They use it as a goal of achieving near ideal quality for a product or service through new or improved processes and tools. Several renowned companies have used Six Sigma processes to improve their production processes for their products and services. These companies include aircraft engine manufacturers, medical systems and financial institutions.