Six Sigma Global Inc. to appear on World Business Review TV Series

According to Multi-Media Productions, Inc., Six Sigma Global Inc. will appear on World Business Review TV series hosted by Alexander Haig. World Business Review will explore how Six Sigma Global has taken the DMAIC methodology to the next level to guide managers in making intelligent decisions based on qualified and quantified information. Most companies have a vision to take their company to the highest level. The Six Sigma methodology trains the leadership of these companies to enable their teams in achieving those visions through the strategic approach of the DMAIC process. Business Wire has published an article on the Same Topic.

Six Sigma Global has been working in the field of Quality, Continuous Improvement, and Problem Solving since 1999. We have trained, supported and mentored over 3000 highly successful Executives, Champions, Black Belts and Green Belts in the field of Six Sigma.