Six Sigma Blog: Six Sigma in Small Businesses

Six Sigma in Small Businesses

Six_sigma Small businesses eventually senses the need for Six Sigma implementation in their businesses. Six Sigma tools have been considered useful for larger organizations for a long time. That perception has changed significantly over the years. A small company planning to expand it operations to meet growing customer expectations will find Six Sigma implementation beneficial in order to optimize its resources on generating more sales than ever.

There is a need for proper assessment to find out how many resources can be afforded and whether Six Sigma is really needed for that particular organization. The cost of hiring consultants is not easily affordable. Companies have to explore options like hiring a Black Belt to train their employees in-house for Green Belt positions. Hiring a Black Belt may be expensive. But the benefits they will provide to the companies will be greater than that cost. An experienced Black Belt helps companies focus immediately on a pressing issue that is critically important for the respective organizations.