Six Sigma Blog: The Robust Nature of Six Sigma

The Robust Nature of Six Sigma

Six Sigma’s strength lies in its structured ability. When it is rationally executed, it brings forth the inherent shortcomings in any process. The implementation methodology allows comparison of prevailing procedure against the most appropriate one aimed at reducing error-producing subroutines. Removing errors from the preparation stage will have a positive impact on subsequent processes. Six Sigma also leaves scope for customer value analysis and operational excellence methods. These methods are usually driven by a thorough understanding of customer values.

Now the organizations have realized that there is a need to look beyond Six Sigma. Six Sigma brings the objectives of companies to a winning stage. It is sustained for the future when a quality approach is adopted as a culture by the entire organization. Operational excellence is focused on execution of programs. It uses powerful analytical and measuring tools and prepares the ground for returning to the customers’ requirements. Looking beyond Six Sigma requires a long-term vision. The vision puts the customer on top. It emphasizes on customer profitability and customer share. The next stage of Six Sigma clearly focuses on customers rather than organizations.