Six Sigma Blog: Are you Ready For Six Sigma?

Are you Ready For Six Sigma?

This question is aimed at business enterprises that have not implemented Six Sigma methodology in their organizations, but planning to do so. Six Sigma has been touted as a powerful quality improvement method that boosts employee job satisfaction and increases profits. Although many shops strive to improve operations and profits have adopted lean production and other quality improvement methods, only few enterprises have implemented Six Sigma techniques. There is a presumption that only large companies can implement Six Sigma in their organizations. This is true to some extent.

Implementing Six Sigma requires a considerable financial investment. In addition, dedication of resources and employee training are part of Six Sigma implementation. The benefits of Six Sigma allure companies of small and medium size. However, they do not have the time or the financial resources to invest in the long-term benefits of Six Sigma.

If your company is planning to implement Six Sigma, you will need to make an analysis on cost factor. The short-term costs for training and the length of time to complete projects can heavily affect small companies. It is true that Six Sigma will bring greater benefits to your company. However, you must prepare to handle the situation aftermath Six Sigma implementation.