High Demand of Six Sigma Professionals in India

The Indian Industry has realized the potential of Six Sigma in improving the quality and productivity of their organizations. Quality and delivery have become crucial for the Indian IT industry to sustain its current position and expand further in the international market. Six Sigma holds significance on this regard. Six Sigma professionals including Black Belts and Green Belts are now high in demand in India.

Black Belts have proved themselves to be effective trouble-shooters in the organizations. They ensure the success of the project with their expertise and efficiency. Black Belts have Six Sigma technical proficiency, consulting skills and the ability to apply the Six Sigma methodology to a business process. Black Belts are usually the senior and middle level managers who guide the teams to successful project completion. Green Belts are middle-level managers who work as support staff to the Black Belts. They are the project team members or employees who execute Six Sigma as part of their jobs. Demand of Black Belts and Green Belts has increased manifold in the current industry scenario.