Lean Six Sigma in the US Army

In a dramatic development, the Army is contemplating to use Lean Six Sigma to build a better and faster force. Dozens of war-ravaged vehicles arrive from Iraq every week to get repaired. These vehicles are repaired at the Red River facility in Texarkana, Texas. It is one of the Army’s oldest and most important maintenance and storage bases. The multi-purpose vehicles repaired there are also known as humvees. The Army is planning to choose a best model that would help the facility to streamline the process and ensure effective results. Lean Six Sigma is seen an ambitious project of the Army to meet its objectives. The Lean Six Sigma process will also help the Army to implement a systematic management process.

According to Time –

The two concepts of Lean and Six Sigma have been around the private sector for decades, and some parts of the Army have been using them since 2002. Lean is an outgrowth of the Toyota production system, developed in the 1930s, which focuses on increasing efficiency and reducing cycle time by eliminating waste.