Salary Survey on Six Sigma Professionals

We always discuss the Six Sigma methodology, its concepts and the implementations in the organizations. Until now, we focused on the benefits Six Sigma for the organizations. Now it is time to analyze the benefits Six Sigma brings to the professionals. The survey announced in July gives a clear picture of the Six Sigma Compensation structure. According to the survey, there are seven key Six Sigma jobs. They include the following the important jobs:

• Top Six Sigma Executive
• Director of Deployment
• Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Compensation levels for the top three jobs depend on the revenue generated by the company. They earn a significant premium as compared to other Six Sigma professionals. Interestingly, pay levels for Six Sigma professionals working in the northeast and west coast are higher than those in other parts of the United States. Don’t you think that with a greater pay structure, Six Sigma profession is very lucrative? However, the job is very challenging, as the professionals take the responsibility of improving the quality and productivity of the organization.