Six Sigma Blog: Six Sigma – No Longer Limited to Manufacturing Sector

Six Sigma – No Longer Limited to Manufacturing Sector

Six Sigma concepts have traveled a long way. The decade-old manufacturing theory has been replaced by business-process strategies. The global economy forced organizations to focus on areas that have been neglected for long. Customer satisfaction and process improvement have become the most focused areas. To achieve faster and accurate result in those areas, companies have deployed Six Sigma methodology. Not surprisingly, the result is overwhelming.

Six Sigma is a highly disciplined, project-based methodologythat can help companies focus on developing and delivering near-perfect products and services. Six Sigma concepts are proactive tactics based on customer-service and ensure zero defects in the organizational functioning.

Six Sigma indicates how a process has deviated from perfection and fix the problems accordingly. Now Six Sigma methods have become essential for the organizations that wish to improve their business and catch up with their rivals. We are in a business world that heavily relies on quality rather than quantity. That increases the importance of Six Sigma.