Why Six Sigma Has Become the Most Powerful Improvement Tool?

Today’s corporate world is witnessing stiff competition among the organizations that intend to outwit each other in terms of growth and development. Companies now focus on the following points that have become part of their organizational strategy:

• Global competition
• Accelerating pace of change
• Adoption of new technologies
• Meeting customer satisfaction
• Reducing costs
• Delivering quality

It is not easy for the companies to meet the above challenges. To meet such demands, Six Sigma methodology has become the most important corporate initiative. Experts believe that there are only a few companies that have not taken any initiative on Six Sigma implementation. Now the companies focus on retaining old customers rather than wooing new customers. Six Sigma plays an important role in meeting the standards of customer satisfaction and thus, retaining the customers who bring benefits to the company.

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WOW, since there are only a “few” companies that have not implemented Six Sigma could you name them since my company (Fortune 50) has not?

I would like to send to my boss as proof, so please provide your data ASAP!


By “implemented” do you mean companies that have sent their employees to some sort of Six Sigma training or companies that have actually achieved a six sigma standard of deviation for their processes related to delivering their products/services?


Dear J-Man,

Here I wrote about the companies that have taken some sort of initiative on Six Sigma implementation. However, it may took some time for them to achieve a Six Sigma standard that will actually take their business process to highest level in terms of growth and development.



Dear qualityg,

There are millions of companies in the world. Industry analysts believe that only a few companies have not implemented Six Sigma in their business process. Few can be hundereds or thousands. Our real purpose is to make companies aware of the long-term benefits Six Sigma can bring to their organization. There is no doubt that Six Sigma is the most effective tool to achieve higher quality and efficiency in any organization.

At present, we are unable to provide the names of those companies that have not implemented Six Sigma. However, if in future, we come across any list of such companies, we will definitely send it to you. Until then, enjoy our posts.