Six Sigma Blog: Does Your Company Have a Sustainable Six Sigma Implementation?

Does Your Company Have a Sustainable Six Sigma Implementation?

In the past five years, several companies in India have started implementing Six Sigma as a business philosophy. The successful implementation experience of many companies in the Western world makes a compelling case for all organizations to implement Six Sigma. Here the question is whether these companies have a sustainable implementation or is just going to fad away after some time.

Sustainable Six Sigma implementation largely depends on individual leadership. The leader brought in personal conviction, support and the needed resources. However, the leaders may not stick to any particular company for a long time. Hence, the first challenge is to make Six Sigma deployment less dependent on a few individuals.

Lack of management conviction may result in implementation failure for your organization. You must spend time and energy to understand the dynamics of Six Sigma. This will enable you to zero-in on the critical issues of integrating Six Sigma into the applications of your organization.

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