Six Sigma Blog: How Six Sigma Helps Sales

How Six Sigma Helps Sales

In the recent years, business requirements have gone through a sea change. Customer relationship management has come into fore and it has become an integral part of the game plan of any organization. Another question that is doing round is whether trained employees can use customer relationship management more effectively. If there is a real need of special training for employees in an organization, the first thing comes into mind is Six Sigma. In my opinion, all organizations must master Six Sigma disciplines.

To achieve real growth, you must get closer to the customers. From this perspective, Six Sigma should start in customer-facing groups such as sales, marketing and after-sales service. Six Sigma focuses on creating value through the quality of business, and not through the business of quality. It finds ways to add value to customers. The balanced scorecard is more about measuring the progress. Six Sigma will definitely meet all your organizational requirements and boost your sales prospects further.