Six Sigma Blog: Six Sigma in Hospital & Healthcare Management

Six Sigma in Hospital & Healthcare Management

Six Sigma methodologies can change the face of modern hospitals and healthcare delivery systems. Privatization and competition in healthcare sector are forcing healthcare organizations to look for new ways and means for improving their processes. They look for improving quality of the hospital’s products and services, thus reducing patient dissatisfaction. It has been noticed that healthcare sector has become more complex. Hence, the scope for error is more.

To reduce the errors and to move towards perfection, most of the corporate hospitals are now functioning at Three Sigma or Four Sigma quality levels. There is a desperate need to break the traditional boundaries that separate physicians, hospital administrators, pharmacists, technicians and nurses by shifting away from the traditional culture. Six Sigma methodologies can help achieve this objective and can change the face of modern hospital and healthcare delivery system. Our old post titled “Why Six Sigma Has Become the Most Powerful Improvement Tool?” will give you more information on Six Sigma.