What Is Involved In Six Sigma Certification?

Recently, I had written a post titled “What Is Six Sigma Certification?” that focused on Six Sigma certification. Today, I will discuss what exactly is involved in a Six Sigma certification. Six Sigma certification requires learning the appropriate subject matter to pass a written proficiency test and displaying competency in a hands-on environment. The materials can be purchased from almost any Six Sigma training and consulting company. It always comes bundled with classroom training. Usually, you or your company will purchase a training session that has different bodies of knowledge and durations for each Six Sigma level.

The different levels of Six Sigma certifications include Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt. The written proficiency test may be given by the training company or the business hiring the training company. Companies that have been conducting in-house training for years can create and administer their own written proficiency tests. When you clear Six Sigma training, you will have to complete one or two quality projects and display competency in applying the concepts learned in the classroom training.