Instantis Publishes Six Sigma Maturity Model

Instantis, the leading provider of on-demand software for managing top-down performance improvement initiatives like Six Sigma. We all know that Six Sigma methodology is being adopted by thousands of global enterprises to measure and improve a company’s operational performance through rigorous use of data and statistical analysis.

Dr. Prasad Raje, Instantis CEO and founder, developed the model and authored the white paper that defines the commonly experienced stages of Six Sigma maturity. The model is said to have tremendous practical value for organizations that want to benchmark their progress against industry norms, assess implementation strengths and performance gaps.

My previous post titled “Identifying Six Sigma Steps” will give you information on Six Sigma steps.



We have had a maturity model for quality management for years that rolls together everything useful in this chart, along with everything useful from past quality management paradigms. It is one of twenty charts in our model called DR2IVE. The new maturity model for Six Sigma is still not holistic enough, it does not squarely address how to truly develop alliances and it is very ambiguous. The term “boundaryless collaboration” is still left to chance.

If you want to initiate lasting transformation, drop the “Six Sigma” moniker all together because the term is in its business cycle death throws already. It never gained much acceptance overseas, but yet the companies still managed to compete? The reason is that Six Sigma rolls together a slew of management approaches readily found outside of its nice, tidy package.

Get back to focusing on being the best and working with your alliances to build competitive advantage — leveraging the many approaches and paradigms in quality management, customer management, program management, technology management, leadership management, cost management, design management, demand management and whatever other core competencies your business needs to compete. Stop adopting a single religion, but take the best of each one to create incredible competitive advantage.