A quality companion for Six Sigma professionals

The biggest challenge for professionals in any field is to manage and execute their projects in the best possible way. Things are no different for Six Sigma practioners, and they are constantly on the lookout for a technical aid to help them achieve their objectives. In an older post, I have mentioned how a new tool can help Six Sigma experts.

Quality Companion 2, the new release from Minitab Inc., is one such software. Quality Companion weaves seamlessly with Minitab® Statistical Software and helps Six Sigma professionals to extract the most out of their quality improvement programs by streamlining project workflow, guiding Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belts, providing linked tools for better analysis and reports, and standardizing projects throughout the organization.

According to a press release:

At the start of a project, Quality Companion’s Project Roadmap(TM) feature lets professionals plan out every phase in detail, then assign built-in “soft” tools to assist with each task. These tools help team members brainstorm, map processes, conduct analyses, complete forms and reports, and more. With Quality Companion’s data-sharing ability, the information they enter in one tool populates the appropriate fields in other tools, with no retyping.