Six Sigma Tips for Financial Service Providers

— By Pushpa Sathish, Staff Writer

Organizations that offer financial services are set to benefit from the book, Six Sigma for Financial Services: How Leading Companies are Driving Results Using Lean, Six Sigma, and Process Management”, authored by Rowland Hayler, Vice President of International Operations at Pivotal Resources and Michael Nichols of Nichols Quality Associates and formerly Director of Six Sigma Design at American Express. The book details how the principles of lean and six sigma can be leveraged by financial service providers to improve their business results. Besides providing examples and illustrations, the book includes practical applications at various high-profile organizations such as American Express, Bank of America, Barclays Stockbrokers, Development Bank of Singapore, Fidelity, First Data Resources, ICICI Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Lloyds TSB, and Wachovia. ISix Sigma reports:

“The book gives a thorough explanation of the rationale for business process excellence within the financial services industry,” says Hayler. Nichols continues, “The methods described provide a clear and simple structure to enable readers to build their knowledge on how to become a world-class financial services organization within today’s complex global business environment.”