Deploying Six Sigma –The Right Way

By Priya Jestin, Staff Writer

How do you deploy Six Sigma in your enterprise? If you are like these companies, you start a few teams, give them their choice of problems to solve, and then sit back and wait for the process to kick off. When, after a few months, you don’t sight the money or the changes, you cry foul.

This is the best way to get things horribly wrong. One of the first things you need to remember is that the leadership in the teams you create, should work with an improvement expert. Next, ensure that these two elements are in place: a line graph showing defects over a period, and Pareto charts showing the probable reasons for the problem areas identified in the line graph. Don’t bother trying to collect new data – you must work with the data that is already available or you will delay the deployment of the Six Sigma process.

Next most important thing that must fall in place before you begin is the team. Always ensure that the team you choose stands a good chance of succeeding. Or, you’ll just end up wasting time and losing focus on the result. Now you are ready to begin the root cause analysis and the implementation process.

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Great post! I would say addressing the following is critical to successful six sigma deployment:
. Understand exactly what the Belts are doing in their respective projects
. Establish clear SMART project metrics
. Define key stakeholder requirements and establish how to win these groups over
. An over reliance on the analytics v the human/cultural dimension
. Lack of leadership commitment or understanding
. No sense of urgency




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A very nice and concise post!
I have been exposed to Six Sigma very recently and am working for my Green Belt certification project. The only reason this project is being stretched the eternal quest for more n more data and the pareto not changing over time.
Problem is very complex and I am still trying to figure out my “critical Xs” I think this is very important in Six Sigma deployment!


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I just got kicked to the curb by the Six Sigma Director where I work; he did not have the courage to tell me there was a problem. He used his position to cut me off, when I was trying to do everything that the company asked me to do; including training two new people in two months, without any pay increase. I started studying six sigma, to try to understand what it is. It looks like the companies use it as an excuse to stab people in the back.



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Nice blog!!! Let us know more about the more about Six Sigma.



Nice blog!!! Let us know more about the more about Six Sigma.