Software Wizard to automate consistent data process in Six Sigma projects

Six Sigma project depend on the proper maintenance of data in the control phase. Normally, this process of harnessing consistent data is a manual process with additional costs, and there are also chances that the process will get out of control and lead to dissatisfied customers.

Such production problems might now be a thing of the past, with the new software wizard inRealTime introduced by Hertzler Systems, an affiliate of statistical software MINITAB. Hertzler has an impressive list of customers including Boeing Aerospace, BAE Systems, IDEX Corporation, Kraft Foods, McCormick & Company, Inc., Pactiv Corporation, and Titleist & Footjoy Worldwide. inRealTime can be plugged into MINITAB so that Six Sigma projects are able to come up with consistent process data in real time.

The MINITAB product range is the most widely used for the improvement of Six Sigma projects. The versions that are currently available are MINITAB Release 14, MINITAB Japanese Release 14, MINITAB Korean Release 14, and MINITAB French Release 13. The software includes features such as basic and advanced statistics; regression and ANOVA; time series; new and improved presentation-quality graphics; simulations and distributions; flexible data import, export, and manipulation; statistical process control; design of experiments; reliability analysis; multivariate analysis; and sample size and power calculations.

Using inRealTime, a company implementing Six Sigma processes can automate business processes such as keyboard/gage data entry, updating of charts in MINITAB, and economizing the production time.

Perot Systems and Six Sigma Advantage to deliver Six Sigma for software and IT services

Perot Systems, a global provider of IT services, and Six Sigma Advantage Inc. have finalized an agreement to extend a set of effective tools and methods to the Department of Defense. These tools will enable the department to implement improvements in the internal processes. PR Newswire reports:

Six Sigma is a highly structured, rigorous, and disciplined methodology that utilizes data and statistical analysis to measure and improve an organization’s operational performance, practices, and systems. It is a disciplined process that focuses on developing and delivering near-perfect products and services, including information technology.

Research and Markets introduces Six Sigma E-Learning course

Research and Markets has initiated an E-Learning course introducing the Six Sigma methodologies and concepts. The course will cite organizations that have implemented Six Sigma rules, and its main objective is to build awareness of Six Sigma concepts among employees. Business Wire reports:

The Introduction to Six Sigma course focuses on providing an introduction to Six Sigma methodologies and related concepts. The course aims to create not only a basic level of awareness on Six Sigma and the DMAIC process but also the benefits that could be reaped by utilizing Six Sigma.

The US Small Business Administration certifies Bellwether Logistics Services

Bellwether Logistics Services, based in Stockbridge, GA, is a Lean Six Sigma company operating as a global supply chain consultancy firm. Considering the high growth potential of the company, the US Small Business Administration has certified Bellwether as a participant in the SBA development program. PRWeb reports:

The Small Business Administration’s 8(A) Program was created in 1974 to help minority and other disadvantaged businesses to grow through a program of federal contracting preferences and set-asides. Through the program, eligible firms can be awarded federal government contracts on a sole-source or non-competitive basis. Contracts up to $5m for manufacturing and up to $3m for most other categories are available a non-competitive basis.

National In-Store strengthens Six Sigma program

National In-Store (NIS), a leading retail resources provider in the US and subsidy of Omnicom Group Inc., is the first company in its genre to implement Six Sigma in its management process. NIS has now strengthened its Six Sigma program by adding 42 Yellow Belts, and is progressing well towards being a pioneer in training associate companies to cut costs, improve efficiency, and enhance customer service through Six Sigma implementation.

Through the practice of Six Sigma, NIS manages to provide an assurance to its client base that the company is striving to improve management processes that will ultimately auger well for the customers themselves. PR Newswire reports:

"NIS is a pioneer when it comes to incorporating Six Sigma into retail services," explains CEO and founder Tom Dowdy. "Our major retailer and consumer product company clients expect us to manage their accounts efficiently and provide quick results. Our philosophy is centered around working better, faster and smarter for our customers," Dowdy adds.

Six Sigma DMAIC Roadmap helps implement OSHA

More often than not, organizations do not analyze situations and take a generic decision in implementing a process. For example, the requirement of OSHA is that employees who are exposed to an average of 8 hours to noise levels above 85dB must be enlisted in a hearing conservation program, but companies often subject all their employees to a hearing conservation program without analyzing the individual conditions of the employees.

The Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) roadmap can be applied to arrive at a more accurate evaluation of the situation. Thus, a team was constituted to analyze the working conditions at W.R. Grace & Co., a specialty chemical manufacturing company based in Columbia, Md.  Before the arrival of the team, the company had enlisted all employees to the hearing conservation program. However, the team applied the DMAIC roadmap in evaluating the work conditions of individual employees, and then segregated the employees according to the noise level they were exposed to. Finally, using Six Sigma methodology, the team concluded that only three of the 11 operators were potentially exposed to an 8-hour TWA of greater than 85 dB. Occupational Hazards reports:

The use of the Six Sigma method is applicable to other areas of environmental, health and safety. The roadmap provides the data required to make the best decisions. The control phase requires work to be assigned and completed. The tools used also provide the documentation and means to follow the success of the improvements.

Survey of Six Sigma professionals ties higher investments with successful programs

iSixSigma has published a research survey which indicates that investments in  Six Sigma program are directly proportional to the returns for a company. An investment upwards of $2 million is likely to improve returns by 200-500 percent, while a comparatively low investment amount of $500,000 is likely to lead to a break-even situation at best.

The survey also concludes that executive backing is important for the success of an organization. Out of the respondents who declared a succcessful program implementation, 87 percent confirmed that they had a committed executive strength.

A third indicator from the survey was the relative advantage of an enterprise-wide deployment of Six Sigma programs. Market Wire reports:

Only 42 percent of respondents said their companies started with a full deployment. But those programs were three times more likely to report an eight-fold ROI in the first two years. The conclusion from all these results is obvious. "You get what you pay for," said Marx. "A higher level of investment results in a higher return on investment."

Six Sigma Implementation in Call Centers

A four day training course is being organized on the implementation of Six Sigma in call centers. The course will utilize data and statistical analysis to monitor and enhance call center performances. It will adopt the method of eliminating defects in the business process and create an environment for better customer services. Participants will be able to use Six Sigma tools to focus on deficiencies and thereby find solutions to rid the business process of such defects.

The instructions will be delivered with real-world experiences and examples to explain the value of Six Sigma discipline. The course is meant for executives and analysts who are looking for an improvement in the services sector by understanding and implementing Six Sigma methodology. reports:

Whatever your starting place, however far along your organization, this seminar is designed to help you achieve real results and create tangible business value. Given heightened customer demands, global competition and stretched resources, there has never been a more important time to learn and apply these principles! 

Six Sigma implementation in small and medium-sized business processes

Questions have often been raised about the effective implementation of Six Sigma in small and medium-sized organizations. However, an article published on explains that small companies can implement Six Sigma with certain changes in methodology, provided the owner of the company is committed to Six Sigma and there is a willingness to change the working process.

The company must display the patience to withstand variation and must ensure that its customers are not affected adversely by the changes in the working process. The company must also have the capacity to create "slack" and redundancy. To begin with, in its growing phase, the company must retain two or three Green Belts; later, when the size of the company is large enough, it can have one Black Belt, who can work with the Green Belts. Other challenges that the company must face up to are ensuring expertise and coping with the dynamics associated with small businesses. reports:

Most Six Sigma projects take four to six months, which is often too long in a small business environment. However, long cycle times often are the result of big company bureaucracy. They are not a built-in limitation of Six Sigma. Choose projects carefully, sponsor them effectively and pursue them aggressively. A small business will find that it can successfully complete most projects in four to six weeks, instead of months.   

Six Sigma certification in Green Belt and Black Belt from Villanova University

Villanova University offers courses leading to a Six Sigma Green Belt certificate and a Black Belt certificate. The courses are offered online and are accredited to the Regional-Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Joinees at the certification courses, whether new entrants to Six Sigma or experienced workers, have the opportunity to learn how Six Sigma methodology can be applied to larger management systems and provide solutions to business problems. Managers and business people who are looking to improve their business processes will find the courses particularly useful. Yahoo Education reports:

No classroom attendance is required, so you can complete your coursework at home or on the road, on your own time – and still reap the many rewards you want and deserve.

AllZone Management Solutions: A BPO company with six-sigma quality level

AllZone Management Solutions is a six sigma affiliated global solution provider, and this translates into good quality services that are implemented and checked at each stage of the production process.

AllZone provides solutions for common entrepreneurial problems such as increasing costs, staff management, and maintenance of the company infrastructure. Among its clients are companies dealing with medical billing, litigation support, electronic data discovery, data conversion, tax computation, finance, and accounting. AllZone completes all its commitments within the set period. reports:

Increasing Revenues and reducing cost for Healthcare, Financial and Litigation companies. A business process outsourcing company that focuses on high value solutions, which reduces cost up to 50 percent with six sigma quality level.