Six Sigma for IT Analysts

Enthusiasm for the Six Sigma model amongst IT departments and analysts has been less than lackluster.  Philip Howard of believes he knows why.  IT departments are flooded with products designed to measure efficiency and productivity and as a consequence often percieve Six Sigma as just another high-priced version of these.  Understanding, what has long been familiar to those intimate with the process, that Six Sigma is principally about process change rather than mere measurement is vital to comprehending its worth.  A provider of a comphrehensive Six Sigma product designed for IT departments discusses the comprehensiveness of the program. Reports:

The Instantis product set starts from the assumption that everything will be based on Six Sigma (with support for black belts) and it has three main components: the Idea Portal, which is a collaborative portal in which practitioners can weight ideas in order to comes up with a consensus about strategies and objectives to implement; Project Tracker, which does what its name suggests (incidentally, this is where the company originated, with project management software that gradually evolved towards Six Sigma); and Financials Tracker, which uses a service oriented architecture to integrate with your existing financial system.